Paypal CLOSED: Cold Meat Industry – 30 Years Anniversary live!


This payment method will be used only for tickets that can’t be purchased via TICKSTER.COM. After the payment is received on our Paypal account a pdf-ticket will be manually issued and sent to the same email address from which the payment comes from.

The price includes the Tickster service fee – 25 SEK and VAT.

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Product Description

If you’ve ever been into genres like Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Power Electronics or Martial Industrial then Stockholm – Klubben is the place to be on the 3rd & 4th of November 2017.

Together with Roger Karmanik we have now gathered more acts signed to the famed Cold Meat Industry than any other festival has ever managed to and we intend to make this event the ultimate Cold Meat Industry 30 Years Anniversary!

This will be a gathering that will never happen again, nowhere, period!

DISCLAIMER: The tickets are all FULL DAY FESTIVAL tickets. The organizers and / or Tickster will not fully or partially refund the cost of the ticket in case certain bands should cancel their appearance or if they do not reach the festival venue. Should the whole festival be cancelled the cost of the ticket minus the administration fees will be refunded.


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